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Friday, October 20, 2006

Lake Merritt - Herb the Banker

Popped across the street to open a bank account. Got to talking with Herb the Banker. He said that at one corner of Lake Merritt you see "tons of dead turtles all the time." He also said "if you fall into Lake Merritt you are supposed to get a tetanus shot." "That thing is filthy," he said.
It's still mostly awesome watching the pelicans dive bomb for fish.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lake Merritt - The Geese

Eight geese just held up four lanes of traffic by taking about 45 seconds to walk across the road. They did not feel like flying.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lake Merritt - The Golems

14 stories up, sitting on the top ledge of the apartment building a throw to the cut-off man away, are 8 tan cement cousins to
The Golem. 4 look straight at me and 4 look out over the lake. I can't see their faces but I'm pretty sure they are smiling. They are The Lake Merritt Sentries.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Lake Merritt

The lake is all diamonds and lava this morning. Pelicans' water landings trail fire behind them. The seagulls have not all taken up the pier yet. More joggers than usual. All urrounded by low trees close on and the Oakland Hills in the background.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Lake Merritt

There is a squadron of ducks in V-formation spanning the length of the wide part of the lake. The few geese and pelicans move to one side. Seagulls, on their preferred pier and neighboring beach area, watch the ducks cruise on by. Fewer joggers are going by at this time of day. One man jogs then runs backwards. Do not see many people walk dogs around the lake. Maybe the shallow lake would be too much of a temptation.

Last Week on Lake Merritt

A man who was about 6'7, mid-40's, thin, and wearing a red lumberjack flannel tucked into jean overalls was bent over at the waist to hold the hand of a monkey in a matching outfit. He was taking him for a walk. The monkey wasn't antic, just serenely looking out at the lake. The man talked to the monkey off an on.

Monday, October 09, 2006

San Francisco Tour

A sunday of blue skies and a vehicle led to visiting some unvisited tourists point.
Fort Mason is one of the many mostly dormant portions of The Presidio (Sean Connery, thumb-punching) but it overlooks a nice portion of the bay. There is an open park area with five palm trees. Heard some unique bird squawks and started staring up into the trees to see what the birds might look like and i see a big, green parrot. i thought this a little odd and kept staring up into the trees. after about 30 seconds a small boy rides by on his bike, notices me looking into the palms, and says in a knowing way parrots like it was the most obvious thing in the world to him.
when i got home sister told me that the parrots are not endemic but that over the years enough of them have escaped or been "freed" that enough wound up going to typical parrot environments, they bred, and now they hang out in 2-3 parts of the city.
From there it was onto Fort Point. which is right under the Golden Gate. the beautiful view of bay and bridge and inside the fort is a museum that winds through dark brick walls into small rooms with simple history displays of the men and work of the fort full of cannons. There was a list of fines that a soldier could incur while at the fort and one of the more pricey ones was "irreverent behavior during worship."
Finally, it was onto Sutro Baths. What a place that must have been. Think of all the happiness a place like that gave. All that compacted human fun. Perhaps at a time when crowds were more exciting than daunting. All the boys being boys and girls being girls. The swimming outfits. Warm baths with an ocean view. A water arcade.