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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I'm not sure what this means. Tell me. The 5-10 times I have seen a band/performer described this way it makes me think the writer is a jerk. Are they saying that the band really lets it all hang out emotions-wise? What sort of performance constitutes "emotional?" Would Johnny Cash not be considered emo because he doesnt go into histrionics, growls, or yelps? Or is it supposed to mean the performer is approximating emotions? Is it the words of the songs themselves? Who the hell is the writer to say what equals emotional? Is it an ironic term meant to distance the writer from the content of the songs and elect the writer arbiter of legitimate and meaningful emotion? Is the term supposed to tug the performer into the realm of where the writer/reader can understand it? (read: limit it?)
I've only seen this term like a half a dozen times and might be totally misunderstanding. I just get the feeling it is this really reductive term in a whole new worse way than say "r & b" or "pop."
(Though "Urban" takes the prize for dangerous music descriptives)

Monday, February 27, 2006

Pink Baseball Hats

There are stakes to wearing things like a hat or t-shirt with lettering on them. By letting the possible meanings / interpretations of a word/symbol see the light of day on your head or chest you become an advocate for word/symbol. (Unless if it is an irony t-shirt.) You wear a baseball hat with your team's logo on it. Good.
Now, people SHOULD not be judged on their aesthetics. I do it a lot and am not proud of it. Still, the fact remains: I think pink baseball hats or really anything PINK LOOKS BAD. Many others clearly feel otherwise and act upon their aesthetic preference. That could be the end of the story but I don't think it is.
To begin with; I am not in favor of school uniforms but also am not violently against them. I like the levelling of everyone wearing the same thing and do not think it a major blow to kids' individuation. The (more than ever?) crush/crutch of consumables->symbols will continue to provide choices->elections for kids. One less expression is not onerous and might even encourage the idea of CONTENT OVER FORM.
That said, the choice to wear a pink Red Sox hat is an aesthetic choice first and a symbolic choice second. The classic red stitching on blue field is what the players wear. The players are not the most MEANINGFUL units of team affiliation (Honest to god, I think one fan is as meaningful as Manny Ramirez) but they are the active EMBASSADORS for the team (Note: Is it because I'm a Yankee fan that the term "Red Sox Nation" sounds like something meant to ENCLOSE and not INCLUDE). The long-standing, chosen symbol of the red B on the field of blue is the UNIFYING symbol of affiliation. You may be the most passionate/hardcore sox fan going and wear a green sox hat. Good. Content is what matters. Just understand that you are passing up the opportunity to do something unifying (wearing of the traditional hat) in favor of expressing yourself. Isn't there enough of that already?

Friday, February 17, 2006

Par Example


Thursday, February 09, 2006

Things I Liked

"The Unforgiven" (John Huston) Wide open ranch country with adorable Audrey Hepburn as an Indian (yes, bizarre) and Burt Lancaster her parental-acting step brother who is in love with her. I don' t think I want to associate with someone who finds fault with Audrey Hepburn.

"About Looking" (John Berger) This Learned Brit helps me understand and feel enthusiastic about studying paintings and is very political / class conscious in his interpretations.

Carlito Inside and Outside the Ring. What move will Carlito unveil next? And will he have his revenge on Shaq?

"Low Life" (Luc Sante) Includes an awesome geographical history of Manhattan.

Walking into in middle of free movie in the National Gallery, whispering in friend's ear, walking out.

Watching Insane Klaus Kinski Proclaim himself a superior Jesus with King at Brattle. Almonds and Sweet Potato for snacking.

Audubon's Originals at National Gallery

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Four Friends

On Comm. Ave walking home from Whole Foods there were 2 women and 2 men all clasping one another's arms' and laughing, free and easy, comfortable and careless.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

(Welcome Back) Memo to Doc Rivers

  • I am not classy enough to not point out that Marcus Banks is playing awesome in Minnesota with the 20+ mins of playing time that you saw fit to give half of to O Green (who i like but is far inferior to Marcus in EVERY aspect of the game except size and is not ready to be a good player yet).
  • Brian Scalabrine may be a SMART defender but he is not a GOOD defender. He is too slow on rotates and switches. His footwork is almost as bad as my 'dancing.'
  • You can't seem to make your mind up about whether you want to win or REALLY give the young guys a chance.

The Guitar

Carrying around a guitar in a case lead to these 2 incidents yesterday.

1) Washington D.C. construction worker asks me what's in the case, etc. We talk a little about music and it turns out that he has given Grace Slick one of his custom-made silver-dollar size pins, failed to patent the pin design, and is good-naturedly bitter about it. Drank whiskey with John Lee Hooker who he kept calling "Hook" and saying to Hook "Hook, Im hooked, Im hooked (on your music)." He said JLH liked all the jokes about hookers he made, too.
When I mentioned liking some of the really psychadaelic Jefferson Airplane stuff his eyes LIT up at the word "psychadaelic" and he started looking around in a way that said "ok, let's get out of here and find us some" before he mastered himself and said "gotta go to Work. Hook would say "Go to work, boy.""

2) Walking to the busstop down in Marine Industrial Park a very expensive car pulls over to me and the window goes down. A well-dressed man talks out his window to me: "I saw you walking by and I said to myself "I can't let a fellow musician walk. Where are you going?" I say South Station, thank you for the kind gesture, but im almost to the bus stop and enjoying the walk. Good-naturedly he rejects this as politenss and starts clearing stuff off the backseat for the guitar case "Cmon, just put your guitar back here and climb in." I reiterate above, thanking him profusely for the offer. Towards the end of the reiteration there is A Turn in him, his face that says "I was just doing something nice and had a good feeling about it and you refuse to acknowlede this." He was hurt. He cuts me off in apology and says "I just thought I would offer." He turns to the road and I start apologizing more and he just drives off, tight-jawed.