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Friday, January 27, 2006

Holy Dangerous

Dangerous Dan Ainge made a good trade!

btw: the trade for Antoine last year was NOT a good trade.
as Antoine Walker, folks, is absolutely not a winner.

I'll miss you Ricky "Reformation" Davis.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Things I Liked

My memory stinks.
From time to time I'll list so I can remember:

Walking in the Snow with friend to Breakfast
Cooking Absurd Amount of Fusion Cuisine for Friends & Brother
Welcoming Brother Back from a Trip to New Orleans

2046 (Sequal to In the Mood for Love) [Repetitive, full of beautiful, well-dressed people]
Wild Blue Yonder (Werner Herzog) [Peaceful Space and Sea footage made into alien documentary narrated by Brad "Hairpull" Douriff]
Faces (John Cassavetes) [Appropriate Subtitle: Beware the Jokester]
A Woman Under the Influence (John Cassavetes) [Gena Rowlands is imbalanced but Peter Falk is the culprit. Rowlands is Towering Again.]
The Confessions of St. Augustine [Go back to this again and again for the honesty, clarity, and rigor of thought about day-to-day living with yourself. Ongoing word to the King for long ago gift of this and other indispensibles]
William Vollman Reader [Vollman variously goes to Afghanistan, Iraq, Arctic, Salton Sea to talk to people and learn. Hints of his undertaking to understand Violence.]

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Possibly Qualifiable as an Act of Imperialism

When someone says "I agree" in conversation.

When someone is so anxious to say their opinion they stop listening.

When someone consciously demonstrates half-hearted interest in what the person they are talking to is saying until it is their turn to talk.

When someone interrupts another person.


The Irony Wars

Nice work from the person who wrote this:

"Irony is the postmodern form of conspicuous self-consciousness and suits our era’s puerility – its fey aestheticism and political cynicism — to a tee. It is complacency’s rationalization, disengagement’s excuse, the alienated spectator’s self-justification. The ironic bystander (the phrase is redundant) is the citizen’s jeering nemesis and the poet’s wily shadow trying to make sure that truth and beauty and goodness, those stalwarts of the world before it was disenchanted, do not re-infect the post-modern’s cool voice with hot earnestness. Or make us think too hard or feel too keenly. While intellectuals work – Stanley Fish making irony respectable, Richard Rorty wrapping it in the cloak of privatization to minimize its political impact, Jedediah Purdy laboring more recently to expose its costs to community – artists play, assuring that irony endures and spreads in sanitized screen violence (Kill Bill or Sin City), television news wryness (The Daily Show), knowing Broadway shows (The Pillowman) and teen consumer advertising (the beer commercials, for starters). For irony allows us to armor our self-consciousness, and make our moral puzzlement and anxiety seem almost virtuous – though we can only utter the v word ironically."

Friday, January 13, 2006

One Boss's Idea of "Have a Good Weekend"

"Rest up this weekend, ladies. Next week is going to be crazy."

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Romanticizing the Exotic: Colonization?

Finding Latitia Sadier (Native of France and singer for Stereolab) 's pronunciation of 'malevolent' as moe - lay - vo - lent pretty darn cute.
complication: yeah, she's pretty, too.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Memo to Doc Rivers

  • Please realize Tony Allen needs to be getting 28+ mpg if he is physically capable and thereafter
  • Please realize you need to be going small more
  • Brian Scalabrine was ONLY a fair shooter when he had Jason Kidd setting him up for 3 second looks at wide open jumpers. Never play this guy again! Much less 24 minutes.
  • Please be dumb enough to persuade Dangerous Danny Ainge to obtain old friend Zach Randolph from the Blazers for O Green and D Gomes so that I can welcome Pone to the rare team he is a perfect for.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


This just in from a friend to this blog:
"Your blog makes you sound like a jackass, and your friends like a bunch of drooling nerds."
Boy. And a friend told me that. Good for him. Nice and blunt. It spurred some healthy self-criticism on my part.

Monday, January 09, 2006

From the Kitchen

Chop up: 2 New Potatos
an apple (Granny Smith worked)
1/2 a spanish onion
fry it in canola oil.
Season with ginger. Delicious.
(Suggested additions to above?)

also a Monday shoutout to Lord Sweet Potato
signed, The Scrounger

tmrw: The Almond Butter.....Smoothie?!

from The Boston Herald

"About an hour after the shootings an officer walked an elderly woman, who used a cane, out of the building. Johnson said the woman witnessed the murders, but did not speak English and could not immediately tell police what happened. He said the woman lived in the apartment with her Haitian family, but it was unclear if she was related to any of the victims."

uh, why do we need to know their ethnicity? context for not speaking English? uh. no.
nice pernicious reporting folks.

Your Lingua Franca is a Disease

"But boy, she'll've sure said something pithy, pop-culture-ish, and uncategorical."
(I'll be quoting myself a lot this year.)

I've Decided that I Agree with You

There've been some murmurs from you (yes, you)
that you don't get enough 'me' here.
Being a public servant and giving of 'myself' are not mutually exclusive.
In fact there is a heck of a lot of overlap.
Consider yourself...Warned

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


is when my Au Bon Pain friend Naima charges me the far cheaper refill price on coffee for my first coffee of the day (even when what is obviously her supervisor is working the register next to her) and I throw a fat, jangly tip in the tip cup.