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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Also in the Holiday Spirit

"Let he who is without sin kiss my ass." - Sinbad (American Comic)

A Present for My Mom

I would like to announce that I have now worn a suit to work TWICE this week.

I would also like to confess that while the Vicious Slam over Invisible Foe into the wall-trashcan in today's 5th Overtime of the now 19 year long game of Bathroom Paper Towel Basketball resulted in said trashcan becoming detached from the wall and clanging onto the floor I did leave a note on said trashcan saying "Oops."

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Untangling the motives, smoke-screens, self-interests, and connotations of a Performance Review where your boss over-zealously mentions then discusses her boyfriend and informs you of not being eligible for a raise for another 14 months is nearly impossible.

Be on the Lookout

There are a lot of them about and not just on the D Line and the C Line sub Coolidge Corner. They are on all of the lines. Downtown. Newton. Malden. Hell, there might even be some in Roxbury, Stow, Jamaica Plain, Winchester. I knew a lot of them in Portland, Oregon. Their guises are more subtle in Boston. Watch out. They think they run the place.

Monday, December 19, 2005

On the other hand

I can be very naive.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Some J Conrad for Yous

"There is no strong sentiment without some terror, as there is no real religion without a touch of fetishism." from Victory, 1915

Thursday, December 15, 2005

347 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird

  • Not light yet and Hundreds of Crows up in the dead trees wake you up with squawking. They quiet down and then one of them starts up, then a few, then most of them. Quiet, Repeat.
  • Small voice from radio giving the temperature on other side of the window.
  • That extra stillness you see outside when you know it is cold. Particularly from the warm view inside.
  • My mother often calls crows 'grackles.' Is this a southern variation on 'crow' or a different bird, ma? Is a magpie a blackbird?
  • (from the Documentary on) Townes Van Zandt said "I just wanna write a song with birds in it. Nothing but birds. Hundreds of birds. Birds and birds and birds."
  • A wide, tall ship is in repair dock across the street here in Marine Industrial. About a dozen men are bundled, hammering, welding, and adjusting at different heights, blowing steam breath.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Hole in my Thumb

The good thing about my hands getting really dry is that when they reach a certain point this 1/8 inch gash/hole opens up in top pad of my right thumb. Same location and size every time. I like this because it shows consistency. An old reliable of threshold/result. The Opening Point of My Thumb. The body saying hello.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I am Outstanding

The thing of it is, is that I have really outstanding taste. Don't get me wrong. I don't mean unique, elevated, or different taste in a world of valid tastes. I mean I have really outstanding taste and if you have the time you should really look into what I like. You might hate my tastes, you might be lukewarm. Just know that they are outstanding. If you look hard enough you might see that. I am trying to be of service, not tooting my own horn. If you want to be holed up with your own tastes, that's your choice and I don't condemn you at all. Chances are you think your tastes are outstanding as well. I could be wrong about your tastes and would like to be proven wrong. I may not find your tastes outstanding but might come to appreciate why you think they are outstanding. So, above all, we should all be open-minded while being confident of having outstanding tastes. If you choose not to cultivate your tastes (desire/needs beings subsets of) then, in my opinion, you're wasting your time here.
The same follows, mostly, for how I/You live my/your life. Really, I'm a pretty outstanding person. Not 'special' or 'unique,' just outstanding. While I do prescribe to the notion of relative human smallness and manyness, I do NOT prescribe to the 'insignificant' take on placement of yourself in history/time. That, by and large, is usually a form of a big fat cop-out.

Monday, December 12, 2005

The Man in Black

waiting for the C to Cleveland Circle wore well shined black shoes. Black slacks with some wear on them but ironed and creased. Long-sleeve black flannel button-up under a black ski jacket. Black beret. Black cane. Straight black hair. Black moustache that looked like it had been darkened with black shoe polish. His skin was very white. Perfect shave at 445pm. His eyes were very thin and he inclined his head in a way to suggest that was how he could see best. He had one hand behind his back at a right angle and bent parallel to the ground. The sort of stance a general from old foreign armies might be depicted sporting while examining his troops. The train comes and unloads. He slowly moves via cane close to the steps of the car and is intersected by 4 people who go right up to get seats. The man in black stops in his tracks and his facial expression does not change but he inclines his head in the direction of where the intersectors may be and does something with his face that is a combination of smiling and silent spitting. His smile gets bigger as he goes up each step. On board no one offers him a seat (He is obviously close to blind) until finally a woman easily in her seventies offers her seat and The Man in Black, holding onto one of the overhead bars, gestures with his cane for her to sit down by raising and lowering it. The woman sits and The Man in Black rides standing to Washington Square where he gets off.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Here's to Stephen Merritt/Magnetic Fields

for singing some of the most sentimental, romantic, un self-aggrandizing lyrics you'll ever hear on 69 Love Songs.
a nice antidote to these times of too frequent reflexive-irony, archness-purely-for-effect, anger-in-place-of-facing-emotions/shit, and dismissiveness towards anything threatening towards erected images and edifices of self-importance.
(note to Horace Winkle: but honest to god i think people are by and large awesome)
favorite lines (this morning) :
"i'll take that kiss now"
"no one will ever love you for your honesty"
"if you dont cry, then you just dont feel it deep enough"

Thursday, December 08, 2005


"(one of those) solid little financial firms"

" only the price-dependent transactions"

(perfectly nice conversation about shopping between 2 significant others (hereafter: siggos) over-eagerly, in a way that made it clear that she had been anxious to get it over with, segued from via -)> "oh by the way I thought that (thing unpleasant to siggo that is supposed to be passable/tolerable due to conversation momentum, general good feelings of perfectly nice conversation, and blitheness of segue delivery)"

"there's a good chance that he might be gay (giggles between friends) or, you know, married."

"i really had a good time last night. thank you. it meant a lot to me."

A Love Supreme - McCoy Tyner

Here is to McCoy Tyner's inquisitive, egging-on, percussive, gossipy, laughing, sly-and-secretive, unravelled yarn-then-reravelled-then-tossed-up-in-the-air-and-caught-then-thrown-all-over-the-ground-so-the-cat-can-play-with-it, easiness-around-strangers, stubborn, fallen angel piano playing on A Love Supreme.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Thought on the Commute In

  • "Offer your fucking seat up, Miss Priss."
  • "If you give me the elbow on the page turn one more time you're gonna get the atomic elbow, douchebag."
  • "What the hell are you looking at?"
  • "No riot gear. Damn."
  • "At least the coffee gives me something to do."
  • "Great, all the good looking people are getting off."

And now for the commute out.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Boston - Winter

This city looks most comfortable with a coat of snow. Your eyes are drawn to the covering or how things are covered (especially: narrow streets, the few dramatic wide, graded roads like Commonwealth or Beacon framed by the skeleton trees and straw grass, or anything made of brick) not so much the stores, autos, machines, store signs, and the bulk of downtown buildings that have always felt a little incongruous to me --> The 'modern' feels more unlikely, bizarre here in this old N. American city. Seeing the insides of structures (and steamed up cars) with the snow weighing things like it has all the bldgs that have ever been here and wondering if there is a fire going inside -> feeling the nice sag backwards.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Memo to Doc Rivers - Chicago

  • you match up very well against this team. Paul Pierce 25+ shots or Raef 15+. (i'll say it until it happens.) ricky 44 minutes.
  • Kenderick + Blount at the same time. chicago is a smallish team. make them pay.

Memo to me about Memos to Doc Rivers

  • this is not a very talented team
  • minus tony allen and marcus banks they lack athleticism
  • significant minutes for mssrs Perkins and Greene will come with it's defensive downside
  • despite my pleas for more playing time, al jefferson is nowhere nearly good as i think and could be a candidate in 2 years for the "Zach Randolph One-Dimensional, Liability in Most Areas Award"

Cambridge St - Brighton

Walking towards Brighton Center I saw a turkey running towards me on the sidewalk. He was looking for an opening in the fence that surrounds the one-story high, jutty rock-hill there (closed off probably because it is dangerous -> an example of going to far for safety -> it's a beautiful rock surrounded by trees.) I think it was a turkey at least. He wanted to get back into the safety of his nice fenced in rock-house. (Or maybe the city knows it is a habitat for turkeys? Doubtful.) I had no idea whether turkeys flew or not. The way he was running around and looking for an opening made it seem like he couldnt because it was not much of a fly over the fence. On the other hand maybe they arent strong flyers and who knows how rational he or any of us are when they are under severe stress. A few pedestrians smiled and we joked about thanksgiving and that was very nice. Bringing strangers together. Then the turkey jumped, flapped like mad and made it onto a ledge and jogged away in a hurry.

addendum: Walking Cambridge St again saw that the rock is only fenced in the front.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


I could only say no to you for so long Whole Foods Blueberry Waffle 6-Pack for $1.99.
Then you look at the ingredients and you see they aint that bad for you at all really. Not even if you put more than a drizzle of honey on them. And hell, even a cupla butter pats.
Note: above could also be applicable to Jessica Simpson if you choose