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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Memo to Doc Rivers - Sixers

  • have you considered going zone? the sixers have 1 good shooter and he needs screens and 10 minutes to queue up his shot
  • Maurice Cheeks (god love ya, mo) is in love with trying to exploit percieved match-up advantages. Get wise: just play your best players A LOT -> 44+ for Paul and Ricky -> neither they nor their teammates will mind
  • we are reaching the point where it is utterly absurd that you are playing dickau 20+ minutes. would you just let orien green play. and give Paul some point-forward minutes.
  • and again: you have to get Raef more shots, dammit.

EO Wilson meet Wanda Tienken

Naturalist Powerhouse and all-around nice-seeming guy who has written some incredibly entertaining science books, EO Wilson, gave a nice talk about Darwin last night at Harvard. More interestingly, he is 75 and grew up in Birmingham, Alabama and my mom is 74 and grew up in Tuscaloosa, Alabama (about 45 minutes South). Both attended the University of Alabama and I would like to think crossed paths. My Mom is a member of the Humane Society. Wilson is the father of socio-biology. Both are friendly and inquisitive. It is likely that they were at some of the same socials, parties, speak-easies, or even on a booze-run over county lines.
And the big ups to Fred Tienken raking and walking his way past 79 today. Fred Tienken is an engineer. I suspect he and EO Wilson would agree about Intelligent Design.

Memo to Dan Dickau

  • If you worked on your ballhandling over the summer maybe you would not be so afraid of protecting the ball that in order to run a play you have to circle around your defender, or at best, turn a shoulder to him so that you are facing the stands and not seeing half the court when you are playmaking.
  • When Marcus Banks returns you are going to be humiliated in practice every day
  • When Marcus Banks returns and you see the light of day a Memo will be sent to Doc Rivers

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

To Have and Have Not

Courtesy a Faulkner Screenplay we have WWII Nazis with a stranglehold on Martinique, Bogey in jeans and showing facility at boatmanship, Lauren Bacall being unbeatably seductive, Walter Brennan playing a loveable rummy, and the 3 plus Hoagy Carmichael crooning, tinkling, and abetting in the (incidental/plot-vehicle) smuggling out of some sexy Anti-Vichy's.
Bacall/Bogey really liked each other in real life and in this movie. That beautiful thing where 2 people do not need to say too much to each other, even when they have first met. A few key phrases and styles and you know you are in. All that is left is to see where your wills lead you. Motives laid bare. The singing honesty. (with Hoagy accompanying & Brennan receiving beers)

Monday, November 28, 2005

Memo to Doc Rivers

  • You aren't coaching to win. You are coaching to be the winning coach.
  • Play Al Jefferson 20+ minutes tonight. Get Raef 15+ shots. Otherwise: enjoy an evening of Dwight Howard dominance

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Memo to Doc Rivers - Cleveland

Here's what you gotta do tonight, Doc:
  • Raef needs 15+ shots (the Ilgauskus slowness)
  • Justin Reed needs 14+ minutes (work Lebron over)
  • Paul Pierce should take 30+ shots, hell the more the better and once he starts getting doubled on help see step 1 and 4
  • Delonte 38 minutes, Orien 10 minutes, Ricky spotted at the point. (Id like to see a plus/minus of Dickau on the court against the snow/hughes/Lebron backcourt)
  • try using kendrick and big al tonight. brooze this soft-ass team

Monday, November 21, 2005

Boylston T Station

is very, very dark all of the time, with only an ooze of the most lurid orange light you will ever see. (Uncoincidentally, there is where you will see people sleeping on benches most often T-wise.) I explained this to a friend who was visiting as a sort of homage to bygone days of early Underground Train Service when, you know, it was dark as hell and maybe lit the by the same sort of Oil Lamps they use on Little House. Because back there, on one of the unused tracks behind the tall (very scalable) iron fence is an orange olden times train that is shaped a lot like NYCTransit Buses circa Jackie Gleason Times. Only you can hardly see it so what is the point of it being on display. So I conclude that this is a Museum T Stop.
Every weekday morning we pull in and i am reminded of what I picture the alleys Jack-the-Ripper used were like. (Boston Underground Train Service Beginning roughly 20 years prior to JTR's day) A little urban planning/mechanics dysfunction or risk even (your gambling getting out of bed, baby) in the name of public art/museumship is typically something I would endorse. But this stop is plain dangerous. Someone with a knife could easily be lurking behind one of those pillars while you wait for a train any time after 10pm.
Bring Light to the Boylston T Stop.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Memo to Doc Rivers

If you get fancy with your roster against the softest team in the league tonight you could lose a high-scoring game when you should just be shoving Al Jefferson and Paul Pierce down this thin and soft team's throat.


those shoes are a joke
she turned orange from insta-tan
her boobs are fake
she smokes too much
she's a pig
she takes bad care of herself
when boys are in the room she is a different person
oh yeah, i guess she's nice
she's stupid
she's nuts
she's always on her cell
i bet she's a bitch
i dunno i guess she's ok
she's totally immature
her boyfriend is a jerk
she doesn't know up from down
she's as easy as they come
look at all that make-up
she went to some private school
her blog sucks
i dunno she's friends with that girl jennifer
she's ugly
she sucks
she totally sucks
oh, i don't like her

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Memo to Doc Rivers

  • Delonte is head and shoulders your best point guard (you are currently playing 4 points)
  • Dickau is not now nor will he ever be a useful NBA player
  • Keeping players fresh should not be an organizing principle

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


seemed to allow for the construction of this approximately 20 yard long, elevated, fire-engine red, one-body narrow, not wheelchair friendly, railinged walkway for viewing of the ships in the massive ship repair dock here in BMIP. Same walkway dissects a nice plot of very green grass that once must have afforded the very same view of the ship repair dock. One of the many awkward attempts at turning this area into a "multi-use industrial park."

Monday, November 14, 2005


Walking the docks on Lunch and made it over to the Quality Control Plant of Legal Seafoods. It's right on the water with a view of North End and East Boston. Good place to throw rocks, but too high from the water to skip them. The back of the building was not fenced off and skirted the nicest place to get some view. Every 10 yards or so lying on the gravel were these black plastic boxes about the size of a car battery that said "Dont Touch - Poison." They had holes in their sides and looked maybe like some sort of trap. For dock rats? This was a pretty impenetrable, modern facility (in contrast to most of the old, tall, winded store-houses/silos). They would be giving rats a lot of credit. Though maybe rats would attack people who take walks or smoke breaks?
Id like to see a good infestation along the lines that these guys laid on the Beaverton Transit Center in Beaverton, Or

Friday, November 11, 2005

Rent Control

"I mean, it aint like the roaches and mice are paying rent! Eradicate those suckers."
Moolah Cat desperately clawing at heat-pipe opening in floor (presumed entrance/exit for some of the mice she has caught)
CAPYBARA occur in the wild in Louisiana

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Overheard: "Im on point when i get out of bed in the morning. Then i do some smoke and im even more on point the rest of the day."

Spoken Hellos to a Coworker: 5 Hellos of Any Kind Back: 0.
Odious Explanation of My Own and Ranking up there on the Lazy Chart: "maybe it's cultural."
Further Study: There is a small smile there that could be coworker's version of "hello."

Someone emailed: 1) "You are close-minded and dont think you are ever wrong" and later apologized via 2)"This is what happens when I open my big fat mouth."

"A good sign of a poorly-coached or undisciplined basketball team is the inability or, worse, unwillingness to diligently explore options in the half-court. delve and tempt with passes. confuse and harry the opponent. dont just chuck the ball around and hope for the best."
-Hubie Brown

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


-"but i said, but i said if they dont have my hair powder im not going back there."
(consider: Powdered Wigs. Like in George Washington Times)

-"when i put my towel over my door i get afraid someone's gonna take it because it has happened before."
(consider: Endless supply of towels at Good Gyms and Hotels)

-"that's not programmable. that'll NEVER be programmable."
(consider: Pre-Programmable Era)

-"that was NOT an appropriate thing to ask me in email."
(consider: Why are Sexual Harassment Rules so grey?)

-"look, don't act like it's the end of the world."
(consider: recent tv movie "Category 7: The End of the World" blithely, comfortably promo-ed by football announcer who continues into "first and 15 on the falcon 25...")

- "(chime-in on someone making a point) ex-aaaaaaaactly, ex-aaaaaaaaactly (someone else continues to speak and this time is interrupted by-)> ex-AAAAAAAAAAAAACTLY" (the pronunciation prolonged until the other person cant be heard and gives up trying). same person later interrupting again: "good-good-good. fine. go ahead. PROVE me wrong"
(relatives/accomplices: Wheel of Fortune Home-game, Press Secretaries, Wile E. Coyote)