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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Old South Church and Bowling Alleys

Coming out of Boston Public Library, heading towards the Copley T-Stop a sign on a door into Old South Church said "Sancturary is now Open" so i went in. Two chirpy ladies talked about children by the info kiosk. The sanctuary was empty. Nothing but light filling the place up, giving it a recently refurbished feeling. Expected it to look older inside. All the good light through the stained glass landing on the Christ and the Stage made it all look very vivid. But with the quiet it also felt still and old. It reminded me of being the first group to arrive at a bowling alley; where you imagine all the sounds that belong with the place; thunder from the pulpit and the pins. One is low-ceiling-ed and the other high, but both are designed to give attendee a feeling of flying towards NEAR limitlessness. Transcend the spiritual border of earthly feeling or alley length and score heaven or a strike.
In both places you see dust that has probably been there since the place opened.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

An Apology to Garlic Powder

Garlic Powder? Hi.
I would like to apologize for ever underestimating you. You've come through about 40 times in the past 5 months. And no matter how much I abuse and confuse (appropriate applications) you, I can honestly say that I have never OVER-used you. You are forthright and situationally aggressive. There are no half-measures with you. We can all take a lesson from you.

Thank You -> The Clash "Clampdown"

Coming out of the chorus there is that peel-out, slide down neck of guitar leading into the ever-so slightly delayed vocal entry into the second verse. It sounds like the moment before an important announcement is about to be made. Then stridently:
"You grow up and you calm down
You're working for the clampdown"
Thanks to The Clash.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Under the Influence of Slavoj Zizek

Kid Polymath tipped me to The Radical. I do not get about half of what he is saying and probably don't totally get the half i think i get. He would like that sort of dialectic because he'd tell me how I have constructed it just to give my life the illusion of graspability and limit. But still, his writing on Iraq and 'Democracy' is awesome.
Here is a scribbled response to something The Radical said that is nicely reflective of my imprecise thinking and the spell of term-love he casts: "But no one knows what INTENT lurks in each unit cell of the loosely but integrally linked affiliates of a POLITICAL ADMINI-STRATION. Can't each eely brain harbor WISHES (the new version of IDEALS) for outcomes? Or does the intellectual numbing/deadening of POLITICAL LOYALTY quash not just dissent and vision, but the ability to be HONEST and, finally, the voicebox? How different is a political administration from AN ANGRY MOB?"
hot to read him now?

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Leisure-Saturday-Cleveland Circle-Sutherland Rd

"Enter into every activity with a maximum of relaxation and, simultaneously, concentration."
-Bill Burroughs
it's in the eight o clock hour. it doesnt matter what part. sutherland is just starting to heat up but the birdsounds make it feel cooler. the splotchy quality of the light through the trees. no one is hurrying but a girl making flip flop sounds with a towel under her arm. pass two puddles of drying puke. empty beers and cases. few cars on sutherland. at cleveland circle get a couple of papers for under the arm, then cross over to the dunkin donuts and get a black iced coffee and a chocolate stick. the T trains are just sitting on the tracks, not loading yet. walk slow down Beacon a bit and lean against a shaded, brick building (just past Mary Anne's - a sk(l)eeze bar) and enjoy the chocolate stick and iced coffee. cross Beacon on way back to Sutherland to put laundry in dryer. no cars even on Beacon. from middle of Beacon take long jump shot with donut bag at garbage can. picking it up a woman in flip flops carrying her laundy bag smiles easy and friendly and says "you're no 'Toine' (antoine walker, boston celtic, similar shot-selection) and i say "oh no?" then blind and behind the back and down without looking back. we both laugh and head towards our respective laundromats.